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Julian, has roots in both the world of technology and the arts. He is originally from Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he studied Electronic Engineering in the University of Buenos Aires, and Piano and Composition in the "Manuel de Falla" Conservatory.

Currently based in London (United Kingdom), Julian continues to contribute significantly to the tech industry while also actively engaging in the music scene. He firmly believes in continuous learning, personal growth, and the power of integrating different fields to create something unique.

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Julian's tech journey began with an interest in Robotics and Computer Vision. Over the years, he has transitioned through Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Full Stack Web Development, eventually focusing on Backend and Distributed Systems.

With experiences ranging from startups to tech giants like Google and Amazon, Julian thrives on solving complex problems. Whether it's designing and implementing complex cloud infrastructures or crafting personal tech projects, he shows dedication and innovation.

Beyond coding, Julian is passionate about tech education. He shares his knowledge on his YouTube channel and has crafted online courses with Pluralsight, empowering others to dive into the tech world.

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Julian's love for music transcends boundaries. From playing in bands during his early years to transitioning into professional composition, he's always been drawn to melodies and harmonies.

Post the COVID pandemic, Julian took a deeper plunge into the world of film and TV scores, with particular passion for crafting orchestral scores. Playing the guitar and piano, he experiments across genres, from rock and blues to jazz and tango, or even EDM.

Every composition reflects a piece of his journey and a testament to his evolving musical language.

Explore his compositions below, and if they resonate, show some love on his social channels!

Audio Playlist

Scene Re-Scores Playlist (multiple videos)

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